I’m Laurel Miller, and I’m the editor of Edible Aspen magazine, as well as a freelance food and travel writer and content creator based in Austin, Texas.

I grew up on a small ranch where we raised (among other things) mules and dairy goats. My upbringing inspired me to educate people about sustainable agriculture. It’s also how I garnered the nickname “Goat Girl” in sixth grade. I blame my outdoorsy family for my travel addiction, which begat my compulsion to eat foods more widely regarded as pets, pests, or compost.

I have a Culinary Arts degree from Johnson & Wales University, and a background in PR and journalism. In 1999, after a decade of working in restaurants, I started a home-based cooking school/farm tour program in Berkeley, called The Sustainable Kitchen®. Bolivia-Paraguay13 323

My career as a journalist serendipitously began in 2001, and it’s taken me all over the world.  I’m the contributing editor at culture: the word on cheese, a former cheesemonger, and the co-author of Cheese for Dummies. I’m also the bar columnist for Tribeza,  and I contribute to PUNCH, Texas Highways, Austin Monthly, Aspen Sojourner, Aspen magazine and other digital and print publications.

When not working from bed in my pj’s, I’m a brand ambassador/tour guide for Desert Door Distillery and I love mountains, rivers, the desert and lurking around food trucks and dog parks.